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For more than a decade now, cosmetic dentistry has been evolving in leaps and bounds ADDC now offer Skin Rejuvenation as part of our treatments on offer.  With tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and tooth-coloured filings now a staple of any modern dental practice, the appearance of people’s teeth is brighter than ever.

While these procedures can definitely have a major impact on an individual’s appearance, there is far more at play than just their teeth. Facial expressions such as when a person laughs or even a simple smile and gets older are all “full face events” and fixing the teeth will only provide improvement to one aspect of the overall appearance thereby limiting the effectiveness of treatment.

Now Dentists are emerging from the mouth, having mastered the creation of stunning teeth, to provide beautiful face to frame their artistry.

The Teeth, the Skin, the Face, the Lips, the Smile………….. All in one place!!!

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