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Root canal aftercare


After receiving treatment root canal aftercare is essential.

  • An antibiotic and some pain medication may be prescribed. If antibiotics are prescribed it is important that you take the prescription, as prescribed until it is done. Use pain medication as needed.
  • It is normal for the tooth will be sore to bite on for one to two weeks.

Note:  Over time, a tooth that has had root canal therapy becomes brittle. It is recommended that a crown be placed to protect the tooth from fracture.

After Oral Treatment

Do’s – Root Canal Aftercare

  • After the procedure and before the anesthesia wears off, take an over-the-counter pain reliever as directed by your dentist
  • Slight bleeding is normal. If excessive bleeding occurs, apply firm pressure to the  area with a moistened gauze pad for 20-30 minutes (repeat as often as needed).
  • On first day of recovery, apply ice packs over the jaw (two minutes on, two minutes off) for six to eight hours. This minimizes swelling.
  • Eat only soft, nourishing foods until you can chew without difficulty (eg. milk,  pureed vegetables, cream soups, gelatin, yogurt applesauce, pasta, and eggs)
  • Begin rinsing with warm salt water (or prescribed rinse) 24 hours after the  procedure
  • Rinse after meals and before bed for up to 1 week after procedure
  • Sleep with head slightly elevated
  • Take medication as directed, if prescribed antibiotics, take them to completion.
  • Take time to rest and relax


  • Do not disturb the treated area with your tongue or toothbrush, and avoid chewing with that area
  • D0 not eat or drink until the anesthesia has worn off
  • Do not use straws to drink liquids, as suction may affect the treated area by removing the clot and delay the healing process
  • Do not smoke for 24-48 hours after an extraction
  • Do not eat or drink anything that is extremely hot or cold
  • Do not consume any alcohol for 1 week after procedure
  • Do not bend over or do any activity that causes you to lower your head
  • Do not rinse or brush your teeth for 24 hours after procedure

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