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Does Mouthwash Work



Does mouthwash work. A mouthwash can be used for many different reasons:

  • To freshen the breath
  • To minimise plaque
  • To prevent tooth decay and gingivitis
  • Minimise calculus formation


Cosmetic v Therapeutic mouthwashes

Cosmetic mouthwashes are able to freshen the breath, but they don’t deal with the bacteria that cause the bad breath or chemically inactivate these bacteria. The cosmetic mouthwashes do not help reduce plaque, gingivitis and cavities.

Therapeutic mouthwashes can help reduce plaque, gingivitis, cavities and bad breath. These help eliminate the bacteria. Some fight the bacteria present in plaque or chemically inactivate odour causing compounds. Therapeutic mouthwashes that contain fluoride help prevent or reduce tooth decay. It is important to supplement mouthwashes with mechanical removal of plaque via tooth brushing and flossing.

Should I use a mouthwash?

Ask Perth’s best dentists at Alexander Drive Dental Clinic whether you need a mouthwash. Rinsing helps to remove plaque and debris from your mouth. However, it is still very important to remove the plaque via tooth brushing and flossing. Your dentist may advise a mouthwash with fluoride or antimicrobial agents, depending on your oral needs.

Can a mouthwash eliminate bad breath?

Therapeutic mouthwashes can help deal with the bacteria that cause bad breath. However, it is important to see your dentist as there may be an underlying cause that needs to be corrected in order to address this bad breath.

What should I do first- Brush, floss or rinse?

It doesn’t matter whether you brush, floss or rinse first, so long as you do a good job!

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